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Product Name: 9919
Product category: Belt sander
Product Code: 
Product Description: 
★Sanding size:76*533mm
★Sand speed:120-380m/min
★Rated input power:1010w
★Rated voltage:230v-120v
★Rated frequency:50-60HZ
★Color Box Size:37.5*16.5*16cm
★Packing Size/pcs:51.5*34cm/6pcs
1、Innovative front roller allows you to reach even the tightest corners with ease
2、Front handle 3 positions adjustment makes the operation more convenient in different working environment
3、The whole machine can be put inverse allows better performance
4、Easy-to-mount’ Equalizer’sanding frame;prevents scratches and equalizes surfaces perfectly
5、Good components,including semi-aluminium base construction,affirm that this one reach FFU GOOD
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